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A delightful tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal.
Good Food, Good Wine, Good Service!

In addition to high quality food, a delightful atmosphere is a high priority when dining out.

At Hanbury’s Restaurant, Oak beams, old pine ceilings, stone fireplaces, reclaimed brick and fresh shabby chic lines all gave the restaurant a ‘seaside cosy feel’.  Most of the furniture is made from reclaimed vintage pine from local railway station buildings.

Our large family table was an old church door which we have decorated with seashells.  Many other artifacts may be discovered throughout the restaurant, such as an original Dartmoor Prison door and a model of a 1919 Italian Sea Plane.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you all about our exciting changes in our famous award winning restaurant. In April 2014, a new frying range was installed into the restaurant kitchen meaning we could wave goodbye to our trusty basket which used to carry food from the Take-Away to the restaurant! Our food is now cooked on the premises delivering not only superb quality, but a faster service and experience. By having one of our fryers in the kitchen, we have also been are able to make exciting changes and additions to our menu. For example, we have introduced a new dish ‘Trio of Fish’ which has proven to be very popular already. We also have a new vegetarian option of ‘Butternut, Goats Cheese and Beetroot Burger’. We are also able to offer a wider range of specials and change our menu to coincide with what fresh, local fish is available. Of course as well as the menu changes, we still cook delicious, fresh, award winning fish and chips, which is what Hanbury’s is famous for. Some of our favourites for Summer 2015 are Jimmy Buchan’s Langoustines and our homemade Cod Royale fishcakes! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

In addition to the new frying range, the restaurant itself has had a complete refurbishment. The new Lloyd Loom chairs and refurbished shabby chic tables give the restaurant a new lease of life. The new colour scheme brightens up the restaurant and brings a certain seaside feel to it. The restaurant looks even more inviting, spacious and light, complementing our location right next to the sea.

Even after 32 years, I am still passionate about creating something special for customers from all locations and of all ages. I believe not only has this refurbishment given the restaurant a well deserved update, but the new frying range means we can serve even better fish and chips and decrease waiting times. I am very optimistic that our customers will enjoy our new look and embrace the wonderful changes. Why not come along and see for yourself! Don’t forget to book by calling us on 01803 314616. We look forward to welcoming you very soon.  Bon Appétit!

We offer full waiter/waitress service with disabled and baby-changing facilities.

Please take a look at our new improved menu!

2016 Restaurant Menu

Fish Facts

If you would like to know a little more about the fish on our menu including what they taste like, click on our handy fish facts below.

Fish Facts


Children really do matter!

We are proud to be working with Marie and April from the brilliant business ‘Child Friendly Matters’. Their mission is “To improve facilities provided for parents with young children and make the UK the most Child Friendly country in Europe”. We understand how important it is to not only make adults welcome at Hanbury’s, but to welcome children and provide them with materials that will make them remember their experience with us as well as keeping both child and parent content during their visit. By collaborating with Child Friendly Matters, we will be able to provide some exciting, fresh and fun packs for the children to engage with as well as designing a new menu which will be appearing very soon! We are also delighted to have been accredited with the Recommended and Approved affiliation from the company. Look out for the logo in our window! We are also excited that all our restaurant staff will be attending a brand new ‘Child-Friendly’ training course in early 2014. Children are the future, which is why we felt building on our family values and being able to provide something even more special for children, will keep them coming back for years to come!