THE first Purple Angel Memory Cafe opened yesterday at Barton Baptist Church in Torquay. David Hanbury was invited to open the cafe which he was delighted to do. Hanbury’s is part of The Purple Angel campaign and staff are trained to be dementia aware.

Set up by Norman ‘Norrms’ McNamara, the cafe is part of the The Purple Angel campaign established in 2013 by Norrms, who was diagnosed with dementia in his early 50s.

After experiencing discrimination himself, he vowed no person suffering from dementia should be treated like he had been and set about raising awareness.

Norrms said: “The best time was had yesterday at the new Memory Cafe and we played some great games. There was ‘play your cards right’ and ‘questions on a beach ball’, both excellent inclusion games. A singalong also took place, provided by the wonderfully talented Peter Dell. It was a brilliant afternoon.

“For future weeks we have word games, quizzes, board games, skittles, jenga and so much more to look forward to. If anyone else wants to set up a Purple Angel Memory Cafe please get in touch.”

The cafe will be open from 1.30pm to 3.30pm every Saturday, except for the first Saturday in the month.