Customer Comments

Welcome to our Customer Comments page.

We use this page to publish customer comments received at our takeaway and restaurant and to post replies to questions asked.

“Superb food as always.  Been visiting for many years and will come for many  more years to come.”

“Don’t change a single thing.  Whole experience faultless.”

“What an awesome meal, enjoyed beyond content.  Well done!!”

“It is very difficult to improve on excellent”

“We drive all the way from exeter to come here!!”

“Ten times better than the Magpie in Whitby”

“Keep up the good work.  Thanks for fitting us in.”


“Don’t change anything!  We had a fantastic meal and thank you for being so helpful with our little girl.”

“Good service, excellent food, staff have time for all customers.  All seems unhurried.  Excellent night, thank you.”

“Proper job!”

“Keep up the good work.  Well done.”

“Open a branch in Twickenham please.  It is a bit of a drive to get here!”

“A perfect meal and excellent service.”

“Very enjoyable”

“Staff were really lovely and friendly and food was delicious.  Thank you.”

“I always have smoked haddock and chips – it’s SO LOVELY!”

“Don’t change.  Very good from start to finish.  5 star”

“I only wish I had a bigger appetite to accommodate the generous portions.  Extremely helpful and polite staff.  It’s been a joy.”

“Excellent, thank you”

“Don’t change a thing.  It doesn’t get any batter!!”

“Move nearer to where we live or open a shop there.  You would blow the other fish and chip shops /restaurants out of the water!!”

“Food and service lovely, bit too much for us to eat.”

“It was lovely, thank you.  Don’t have any suggestions as it was perfect.”

“Don’t change anything!!  If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”

“No suggestions.  Exceptional fish and chips”

“Just perfect.”

“No changes needed.  Lovely food, good staff.  Thanks.”

“Excellent meal.  Fish lovely, batter light and tasty.”

“Awesome as always.  Our friends are moving away and this is our last meal together.  Happy memories at Hanbury’s!”

“Hospitality was second to none!”

“Keep on going!!”

“Best fish and chips this side of the Dart!”

“I love the fish and chips here and all the quirky extras.  Info about where the fish is caught, what fish to try.  Good friendly staff.”

“Fantastic, fresh food.” 

Good food, fantastic ice cream and puds.  Super postcards too, thanks.”

“An excellent service.  Food cooked well.  Well worth the 35 miles round trip.  A round of applause for Hanbury’s.”

“Staff worth their weight in gold – all amazing!”

“Keep doing the same!  Thanks!”